About Us

Urn Market is an online marketplace by which the public can order urns and artisans can sell their products all over the U.S. and not just in their  limited geographical locale.  Contact us if you make unique cremation urns but don’t have a way to let the public know about your product.  Funeral homes typically only show a handful of the available products on the market and we believe people should have the opportunity to see a wide array of the available urns.  Choosing an urn to house your loved one’s cremains should contribute to the healing process and be a piece that is easy to display in one’s home.  

With Urn Market, people can browse a multitude of urns from the comfort of their own home and at a time when it is convenient for them.  So whether your family is looking for a unique piece of art or an urn that exhibits a personality trait that reminds you of your loved one, Urn Market hopes to be able to assist you.